Oh Mercy! Hot Sauce is an all natural blend of African spices now available in 2 flavors.



OH MERCY! (MILDISH) is all natural gourmet oil-based hot sauce. It is a blend of habanero, onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes paste, black peppers, salt and African spices cooked into a thick delicious spicy sauce which complements any food beautifully. Jazz up your dishes with Oh Mercy!

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NO MERCY! (HOT) has the same ingredients and cooked into the same richness but has double the heat of Oh Mercy! It's for the dedicated hot sauce lovers who not only want good taste in a gourmet sauce but crave the fire. Both sauces compliment any dish beautifully from chicken, steak, eggs, chili, tacos, and as a marinade. Spice up your dishes with No Mercy!

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